disco kill disco is now available...

disco kill disco by mikimo sosumi is now available from daddy tank records as a limited edition four panel digipak cd,
or as a digital download from uvg212's bandcamp page.

mvw releases berlin suicides...

download it here at uvg212/Bandcamp...

mvw mixtape for kamikase@reel rebels radio...

mvw was asked to compile a mixtape of audio/music that he felt were inspirational, informative and downright enjoyable.
To listen to 2 hours and 21 minutes of some of his favourite music (old and new),
click here.

digital re-up...

coming to bandcamp soon.

no head in the helmet gets a digital release

code 17 abstraction shortlisted for the 2015 dead albatross music prize

"Michael Valentine West’s multi-dimensional and multi directional release, Code 17 Abstraction manipulates jazz & glitch to name just a fraction of the sounds coming back at our ears from this collage of chilled and engaging abstraction."

uvg212 is very happy to announce that mvw's code 17 abstraction has been shortlisted for this year's dead albatross music prize.

for more information, click here.

mvw interviewed by Madeleine Byrne

mvw in conversation with Madeleine Byne, talking about Code 17 Abstraction, minimalism,
hip hop and his various techniques.

To read it, click here.

coming soon on daddy tank records...

Disco Kill Disco by Mikimo Sosumi


suck susan - arigatou

a free mini album from suck susan to celebrate the launch of uvg212's Bandcamp page.

skewed beats and hidden melodies. enjoy


Thank you so much. After six years, uvg212 Facebook has finally broken the '100 Likes' barrier. We are especially proud of this because it has happened organically.

Once again, thank you for your support.
It has and will continue to mean a lot.
Freebie rewards are due... soon!