lower third review

[ALBUM OF THE MOMENT: Lower Third - "Hiromi Restraint"

So me and my wickedcool buddies Tommy "Plastic" Dreamer and Stevie "Flex-Motion" Richards think this is mad dope. It's a 36 minute concept album about arriving on an abandoned space station that is host only to a malfunctioning but affectionate Robo-Geisha. Jamie said it was "avant-garde bullshit" but he's the fucking bullshit, mate. We Cacti and ECW alumni are not nearly so closed minded...in the desert/Philadelphia bingo-halls we know that true art is never easy and should challenge the listener.

It's electronic, it's ambient, it's grating, it's discordant...This album sounds like Neil Young's "Trans" without the bits you liked. That's how good it is. Superb.]